In order to make a proper diagnosis and ensure we plan the most effective treatments and restorations at Boltchi Perio Implant Concepts, we use specialized computer tomography and computer-assisted tomography imaging systems, also known as CT and CAT scans. By taking high-quality, 3D images of slices and sections of your smile, we are better able to understand what your teeth and gums need for optimal health. We are also able to use these images to help you see what we see, so you can feel more confident in your dental health choices.

Having a CT and CAT scan taken is simple and painless. Dr. Farhad E. Boltchi, our practiced dentist, and each member of our dental team who uses this technology have the training and experience to offer these imaging services properly. We hope that by using 3D imaging in Arlington, Texas, we will be able to provide you with all of the treatments and services you need for a healthier, stronger smile. If you would like to come and tour our dental office and see how our technology can work for your benefit, please call us today. We are excited to meet you and your family and to provide you with the highest level of care possible.