While hidden underneath your gums, the bone of your jaw and dental arch is vital to the health and functionality of your smile. Often, when decay or disease is left untreated for a long period of time, bone loss can result. You can also experience bone fractures and cracks when dental trauma or accidents occur. At Boltchi Perio Implant Concepts, we offer bone grafting to strengthen the bone and aid in the healing process. A bone graft in Arlington, Texas, is the process by which our experienced periodontist, Dr. Farhad E. Boltchi, surgically places natural or synthetic bone tissue in areas where bone has been lost or damaged.

One of the most common uses for bone grafts is to strengthen your jaw in order to hold dental implants, one of our favored tooth replacement treatments. Dental implants are surgically placed in your jaw, and they require a healthy and strong jaw for optimal results. However, the same damage that caused you to lose the tooth can also cause damage to your bone. Bone grafts allow us to strengthen this area so you can receive the new smile of your dreams. To learn more about bone grafting and its many uses, we invite you to contact our dental office today. We look forward to taking care of all your overall oral health needs.