If your teeth are unusually short, you may be experiencing what some people call a “gummy” smile. A gummy smile generally occurs when your gum tissue covers up too much of your tooth’s surface. In order to reveal your naturally sized, beautiful teeth, we may suggest a gum lift, which has also been referred to as gingival contouring or reshaping. A gum lift is designed to remove excess gum tissue and reshape your gumline, exposing the hidden portion of your tooth. With the use of our dental lasers, this treatment is quick and virtually pain-free.

While a gum lift, or crown lengthening, in Arlington, Texas, is generally used for aesthetic purposes, it can also be useful to improve the functionality of a tooth. When breaks or chips occur underneath the gums, Dr. Farhad E. Boltchi, our caring dentist, may utilize a gum lift to reach the area and treat it. We may also use gum lifts to expose more of the tooth to secure a dental crown or other dental restoration. If you have a gummy smile and would like to schedule a consultation, please contact us at Boltchi Perio Implant Concepts today. We would be happy to schedule a time for you to come in and learn more. We look forward to working with you!