At Boltchi Perio Implant Concepts, our dental team works hard to provide you and your family with the latest treatments and services designed to improve your overall dental experience. One of the ways we meet this goal is through minimally invasive surgery, which aims at reducing pain and maximizing the benefits of all our surgical treatments.

In the past, surgical treatments would often require large incisions and cuts. The goals of minimally invasive surgery in Arlington, Texas, is to use as small of an incision as possible when needing to perform surgery. There are multiple benefits to utilizing minimally invasive surgery. Recovery is quicker, you require fewer visits to our dental office, and, best of all, you experience less pain and discomfort throughout the entire treatment process.

There are many methods we use to ensure our treatments are minimally invasive, including the use of dental lasers and computer-assisted imaging and planning technology. Dr. Farhad E. Boltchi, our friendly periodontist, also takes the time to sit down with you before any treatment to discuss your concerns and help you feel confident and informed with all of your dental healthcare decisions. We encourage you to call our dental office today to schedule a visit with our team. We would love to show you around our office and learn more about your dental fears and goals. We look forward to working with you to help you achieve a healthier, more satisfying smile.